House in Franklin. If you would like to see more recent pictures, click on Photo Gallery and they are there. We have a mother and her son whom are our prospective home owners. As you drive by on 517/Munsonhurst Rd., Franklin/Ogdensburg, take a look and see how it is progressing. If the guys are working on it, stop by and say hello. The construction crew would like to thank everyone who has stopped by with goodies. They really do appreciate your generosity. We would also like to thank Dimitri Chekur, plumber, for his generosity with helping do the plumbing. Lennox is also donating a boiler for the property and Whirlpool is donating a range and refrigerator. All these donations help keep the price of the house down for the prospective homeowner. 

We are still waiting to hear about another home in Franklin. 

Thank-you to the family who donated the Hopatcong property to us. We really do appreciate your generous donation. We have the piece of land in our name. We are getting things ready so we can start. We will be opening up family selection for this property as soon as we can come up with a price. We now have plans and a picture for a two bedroom house.


If you would like information about how to get help with the down payment for a house, check out http://www.state.nj.us/dca/divisions/dhcr/offices/ida.html and click on HOME SAVINGS IDA to learn more. The state will match funds you have saved up to $3,500.00. You can also go to https://www.fha.com/fha-grants?state=NJ and check out the FHA Down Payment Grants.

 IDA Program Overview

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